• Prefer companies engaged in manufacturing . (e.g., consumer products, food, furniture, industrial products, equipment, textile, apparel, etc.).
  • Non cyclical or recession resistant industries.
  • Either stable markets or markets with good projected growth rates.
  • No fad or fashion orientated industries.
  • Stable competitive environment.
  • Markets with barriers to entry or defensible niches.
  • Proprietary product/high value added service.

Company Profile

  • Industry leader and/or high market share.
  • Established company, good reputation, solid operating record.
  • Continuity of management/strong, proven management that prefers to remain with the Company.
  • Broad customer base.
  • Excess capacity available for expansion.
  • Identified potential for growth through product expansion or strategic acquisitions.


  • Gross Margins in excess of 20%.
  • Net margins in excess of 5%.
  • Record of stable or growing sales and profits.
  • Valuations of $5 million to $50 million.
  • If you know of a Company that fits the above profile and the owner wishes to divest please contact us.